Egypt Vision 2030


The "Support and Development of the Egyptian Economy" conference held in Sharm El-Sheikh in March 2015 witnessed the launch of the "Sustainable Development Strategy (SDS): Egypt Vision 2030" and then President Abdelfattah Al-Sisi launched the strategy on Wednesday (February 24th) at the premises of Al-Galaa Theater of the Armed Forces.

The strategy aims to develop and formulate a vision for Egypt 2030 to serve as a map to optimize Egypt's potential and competitive advantages and aims to revive its historical role in leading the region, providing high quality of life for citizens, achieving economic development and competitiveness in markets and human capital.

To achieve an economic growth rate of 7% on average, raise the investment rate to 30% and increase the contribution of services in GDP to about 7% and increase the contribution of exports to 25% of the growth rate and reduce the unemployment rate to about 5%.

Egypt Vision 2030

"Egypt will be a competitive, balanced and diversified economy based on innovation and knowledge, based on justice, social integration and participation with a balanced and diverse ecosystem that invests in the greatness of place and human beings to achieve sustainable development and to level up to the quality of life of Egyptians"

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The Updated Version of “Egypt Vision 2030”

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