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The Speech of H.E.Mr. President Abd El Fattah El Sisi

The national duty and the responsibility Obligates us to pick up the pace on woman empowerment, preserving her rights and placing her in a position worthy of her value, capability and sacrifices throughout history, in accordance with the Egyptian Constitution, which expresses the will of the Egyptian people and establishes the values of justice and equality and pursuant of the principles of equal opportunities and adoption of women rights.

Objective of the observatory

Observatory of Egyptian Women aimes at following up with the implementation of the targets for the status of women in the period from 2017 to 2030 through:

  • Compiling and displaying indicator values on an interactive website,

Women’s Empowerment strategy vision

By 2030, Egyptian women will become active contributors to the achievement of sustainable development in a nation that guarantees their constitutional rights, ensures their full protection, and provides- without discrimination- political, social, and economic opportunities that enable them to develop their capacities and achieve their full potential.

Women's strategy pillars


Political empowerment


Economic empowerment


Social Empowerment



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Economic empowermen
Economic empowermen Study

GGG Simulation Report
GGG Simulation Report

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Violence against women

Violence against women

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Political empowerment for women